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Hi everyone! I joined up today because I often have so many questions about my new pom.

My sister recently got a new Pomeranian which I've been baby sitting for the past week. From the previous owners we know hes about 1 year old and a purebred. I've also been informed that his previous owners didn't pay much attention to him and had him on pee pads.

He's pretty good about peeing outside and not on furniture (although we have had some accidents) he does often excitement pee.

I read that the best way to stop this behavior is to decrease excitement but that doesn't help. He mostly does it when I come home from work and errands. When I take him out of his kennel (We keep him in there because he chews and eats anything he can find if we arent watching) On occasion he'll do it just before I get his harness for a walk. I don't get energetic or baby talk to him. Even when I take him out of his kennel I tell him to calm down and stay relaxed. But I believe he thinks that me putting his harness on is a game of sorts and because so excited he just lets some out.

I haven't really disciplined him other than firmly telling him no a couple times. Some people say you should discipline them, others say never do it. I haven't really tried any of the techniques, like they say to softly push them over so they know you are dominate but problem is when I get close to him hes already so excited he flops onto his back and wiggles around.

He doesn't have this problem with poo although so far theres been a handful of times where I'll go on a walk with him and before going back inside I'll let him smell the patch of grass near my building for him to go but he'll just stand there staring out into the void. When I take him inside he'll go poop somewhere. I can't find any pattern to this. Hes mostly good knowing to poop outside but I don't want him pooping in the house anymore.

As to not make this any longer than It has to he also has a bad attention problem. Not that he can't focus, hes a very smart dog but he constantly wants attention. Although he might lay down for awhile while I work, he'll get up and scratch at my chair, tug on my lap blanket, try biting my feet and hands, then bark and whine. Do you think his need for attention could be linked?
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