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OP has a bully mix, along with small animals. She is getting a previously owned Chi back into the home. Questions are as follows:

1. The Chi resource guards the OP, so she's worried about issues with that and the bully.

2. The Chi also appears to be fearful or reactive of other dogs.

3. How to help the Chi cope with a 15 hr road trip back home?

4. The Chi is being returned to her from the home of her ex, by her ex's mother. However, the ex doesn't want the Chi returned, so she's wondering if legal issues will arise with that.

5. The Chi is currently on Ol Roy; how should she switch him over to a new food? Can she do it cold turkey? She doesn't want to buy Ol Roy to do a slow transition.

6. How should she deal with her Chi's fear of storms?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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