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Excessive Kicking

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My dog marks a lot on his walks, and that doesn't really bother me. He has always 'kicked' after marking (scrapes ground with his hind legs). He also kicks when he feels threatened/scared, and kicks when he is rolling around in his bed being a goof. Basically, he loves to kick.

Lately, though, he has stepped up his kicking game and it really ticks my SO off when he kicks because not only is he digging up grass, it isn't unusual to get a shoeful of dirt if you don't dodge the spray, or pelted by rocks. I can't really blame her for being annoyed, as it isn't just a kick or two, he REALLY kicks a lot.

I want to try to reduce, if not eliminate, the kicking behavior - I'm not sure if I should try to reduce the marking altogether, or just focus on the kicking. My thoughts were to redirect him immediately after he pees so that he doesn't have the chance to kick, but I know that the kicking is part of the marking behavior so I don't know if they are too intertwined to remove one without addressing the other.

Anyone had success with this before?
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