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I don't think she understands the quiet command just yet and I'd really hate to see a dog shocked for the crime of being a dog.

It sounds like she thinks that "quiet" means "be quiet for a few seconds", whereas you would like "quiet" to mean "be quiet until you actually have something to bark about". So extend the quiet command. Simply extend the quiet time required to get a treat.

To give you an example, Kabota had terrible dinner manners when I got him. He'd be crawling in my lap to get at my plate, while I was eating from it. So I started with a sit. As soon as his butt hit the floor, he got a bit of my food. Then I made him sit for 5 seconds, then 10, then 20, etc., etc. Now he will wait the entire time I eat for his little scrap at the end, though I do randomly reward him earlier.

I know your husband needs sleep- don't we all?- but sometimes dogs are inconvenient. That's no excuse for shocking them.

If all of the above seems to hard, you could always try giving her a stuffed kong to work on while you go back to sleep. Or moving out to the couch to sleep that last hour and a half.
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