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Ok, so usually I have the trash can in a cupboard, but for the day before it is collected the bag is on the kitchen floor to fill it up more. This isn't usually a problem because Ruby has never gone through the trash, or shown much interest in it at all.

But, twice now I have found her with something that I know I had just put in there... my hair. I have really long hair, so it looks like a lot has come out after brushing it for a few days... I had taken this hair and put it in the trash. And she took it out again :rolleyes:

She ignored the raw meat wrapping and trimmings and the empty food packaging/trash food etc, for my hair. I thought the first time that maybe I hadn't put it completely in the bag, and she had just pulled it, but this time it was definitely in it.

Luckily she comes straight to me when I call and I took it out of her mouth. But seriously, should it be loose hair that I am having to worry about in the trash? I almost wish she was looking for the raw meat wrapping :p
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