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I don't know if you have seen my previous posts, but we just got Rosie Monday from the animal shelter. Monday was to be her last day before the dreaded needld so we had to take her home. She is very sweet and loving. We got a call from the vet yesterday that she is heartworm positive. After hearing about the strict confinement that she will have to have after her treatment, we decided to go ahead and get her a crate to sleep in at night. She seems to be crate trained or something because she went in with her hot dog stuffed kong last night and she didn't make a peep all night. My DH was supposed to walk her when he woke up this morning, but it was obvious to me that he did not. She had an accident, but I am thinking that was because she probably heard him getting up and moving around and thought she was going to get out.

Anyway, it turns out that she does not like to get in the car. I had to pick her 40+# butt up and put her in the car this morning. When she got in, she just cowered on the floor board of the back seat.
I tried enticing her with treats, my daughter was calling her, but she just went flat to the ground and dug in. I want to start taking her on short, frequent car trips to help her get used to it, but does anyone have any ideas on how to get her into the car without me having to pick her up and put her in there?:confused:
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