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Everyone enjoying the nice spring weather

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Its been really nice lately, in the 60's and 70's during the day. Everyone had a chance to be out this past week, took tons of pics, here are a few of them.

Hankie watching over his kingdom

Hankie...no comment...lol

Kinda wierd pic of Hankie

Hankie taking a rest

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Angel sniffing the ground

Angel watching a buggy

Angel, wierd expression, lol

Ang, checking out the power outlet cover

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Chewie in the clovers

Charlie close-up

Chew really loves the clover


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Gorgeous eyes!!!! Funny looking at a cat in a dog forum but she is so pretty i hardly noticed !!!!!!!;)

One more of Chewie

I thought this one was kinda funny, Shadow is rolling in something, and Elly is just looking at him like "WTF?"

Belle's close-up


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Sorry if i cut in. Don't ya hate that. Oh well we love all animals i guess!

Shadow enjoying the shade

Belle smiley

I love this pic

Elly wants to play

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Great pictures!!
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