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Everyday dog training methods and their effect.

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Not that I needed more research to convince me of less problematic methods in dog training, but an interesting read nevertheless.
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" Traditional techniques have used mainly aversive stimuli, either in the form of positive punishment (application of an aversive stimulus in response to an undesirable behaviour ) or negative reinforcement (removal of an aversive stimulus leading to an increase in the performance of a desirable behaviour) (Lieberman 1999). The use of aversive stumuli in training may have a negative welfare effect implications: it is thought to cause suffering (beerda et al 1997). possibly poses health risks (through increased levels of physiological stress), and has been found to be related to aggression towards other dogs (Roll & Unshelm 1997).

The key word is ***** MAY****** have.

which does not equate to ****WILL**** have.

In my opinion this leaves much for interpretation and variation in the scheme of things when considering individual avenues to gain a particular resolution from a particular approach in various circumstances. There are no absolutes in gaining results when conditioning behavior and this fact does not require a scientific study as does one for a common sense understanding that the use of aversive's ****can*** cause issues. Too often people construct verbiage along with a agenda or ignorance that suggests or indicates that if one uses positive punishment or negative reinforcement such usage ****WILL***** a have negative welfare effect implications that do not justify the means of using such operant’s of conditioning.

I hope other studies are conducted on how dogs might suffer from using any failed approach especially over a extended period of time.

Common sense should remind us and guide us of what nature has to offer in terms of a healthy balance between far left and far right and what happens when we mess with such balances.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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