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Ever feel guilty for leaving your dog at home while you're working?

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Hi All,

I'm not new here, I read the threads from time to time, but I think this is my first post. I have an almost 9-month old Lab mix puppy named Raven and today especially, I'm feeling really guilty about leaving her at home. I think what has made it worse for me is that we installed a camera in the room where she stays when we're not home and I log-in throughout the day and check on her periodically. My heart strings pulled just now because she's just sitting there, looking bored and lonely. :( I wanna go home to my baby!! *cries*

She only has like 2 toys that she has in there because every toy and bed we've purchased for her, she's destroyed within a week because she's a powerful chewer. I'm talking chewed a hole in a supposedly "indestructable" Kong bed in 2 days powerful. Any thoughts as to what we can do for her to ensure she's not dying of boredom? She's home alone usually for 3 hours M-F, but lately, my guy has been working 12 hours shifts, so he leaves earlier, which means she's at home by herself for about 6-7 hours depending on traffic.

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I feel guilty- and it's only a few hous a day like you! What helps me a lot is my dogs have access to the outside...they lay on the porch, watch birds, etc.

I also feel less guilty if I have an enjoyable walk (meaning I am emotionally present on the walk, not wishing they'd stop sniffing so much, etc.) with them in the morning and play time. A good cuddle if they'll allow it help a lot!

Is she getting to the age where she can be trusted to have access to the whole house? The chewing might be a concern with furniture and stuff...
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