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Esther came to us from a shelter in Green Bay. For about the first year (maybe longer - it SEEMS longer) she was Hell-On-Wheels. But she has mellowed into a steady and reliable family dog.

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I remember her from my first days here at DF. She is so pretty! Glad she has mellowed out for you. ;)
Wait, I'm still stuck on the "she has mellowed" bit... :D
Wait, I'm still stuck on the "she has mellowed" bit... :D
Well, it's been a couple years since she's killed anything or destroyed anything really important or jumped out of a moving car or crossed either of the rivers just to see what's on the other side or ripped open a can of motor oil on some new carpeting.

The mellow bar is set pretty low around here.
I'm glad she's mellowing. I must say that when I first saw the thread title with just her name I thought, "Oh My G-d, Esther has died". I'm so happy that's not the case!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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