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Eris is doing great she is 5 weeks old now, eating dry puppy chow like a champ. NO more puppy pads neeeded. She took to housebreaking quickly. I take her out side to the yard and she does her business. Occassionally a pee accident but that only happens when im not fast enough to get her out the door.

The jack russel didnt work out and she is now living with my aunt(She hated tall men and my bf is 6ft5).

But my girl is getting socialized by me taking her to and from the school when i take/pick up my girls. She is getting used to my rats, the cats, the rabbits and all my kids.

If i flip her on her back to rub her tummy she gets wild and does this lil growl thing and when i let her up she runs off and runs back and pounces on my slipper and attacks it and runs away again.

She'll go to my vet at 8 weeks. I have an awesome vet. She'll get what is necessary.

**I tried to get her brother today, he is a big baby too...lol, all white with a brindle eye patch****

I will pst more pictures once i actually charge my batteries for my camera.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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