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okay she is only 4 weeks old.

I'd say 75% of the time she uses the puppy pads, if she doesnt i gently pick her up and put her on them. Any other suggestions for potty training? I'd prefer to stay away from crate training for now.

Okay she wants up on the futon, she tries to climb up i gently push her down and say no or i put her on her bed. again she just crawls under the futon after me saying no about 5 times. She doesnt whine after i repeatedly tell her no.

I do pick her up when im on the floor to cuddle her since she is so tiny though...lol.

when does training like outside pottying start? I wanna wait till she is vaccinated cause of the chances she could get sick, is that a good idea?

usually when i train a puppy/dog to sit, i hold a treat up above their head till they sit..and i say sit when i do it, never failed me before, when do i start this with her? 6-8weeks?
the same for lay down,stay, and any other commands.

i already put a small collar on her so she will be used to a collar. I will start her with a leash at around the 6-8 week marks.

any other suggestions for training? what type of collars to use? I prefer a harness.
thank you.
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