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I am at my wits end with my puppy. Like to the point where I feel getting her was a mistake and I hate that feeling. She is a 20 week old Pomeranian puppy. I’ve had her for two months now. This has been happening since the minute I brought her home. She will pee every 10 minutes. A little bit at a time. She has zero desire to even try holding it.

I’ve tried keeping her on a leash with me. I’ve tried crate training her. Both a larger crate and a crate so small she couldn’t turn around (a desperate attempt after the normal size of turn around and lay down) Peed in both. She’s completely content to sit in her pee and poop. She gets fed in her crate. She will poop or pee in her food bowl. She will squat right in front of me. Ive tried treats outside. I’ve tried clicker training with her (she gets it but she’s not motivated to work out different ways to get treats). I’ve tried the NO as she does it. I’ve tried tapping her on her butt. She goes in her crate at night.

I’ve tried taking her outside every 5 minutes. That isn’t a realistic life because I have a job and need to sleep. She doesn’t let me know she has to go potty. We’ve tried bells on the door.

The only time she holds her pee longer than 10 minutes is if I’m holding her or she’s on my lap asleep.

I had the vet check her urine. No infections. I literally don’t know what else to do and I’m losing my mind. All I do is clean up pee and poop. Not an exaggeration. By the time I clean up her poop, she’s peed again.

I cut her water off 2 hours before bed. That doesn’t even help.
Any ideas anyone? Please?
141 - 141 of 141 Posts