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I have had my pit bull/boxer mix for almost a year. He is a rescue dog and around 2 years old. A couple of days ago, he fainted and then vomited while we were playing, but then got right back up and kept playing. I took him to the vet today because although he has a good appetite and is not very lethargic, somehow I sensed something, like he's not himself. We are together all the time as I am a graduate student and work at home, so we've really bonded.

Anyway, he is heart worm negative, no irregular heart beat, but xrays showed that his heart is too big. We get the bloodwork back monday, but I am really scared. Everything I read about heart problems in dogs say they only live for about 6 months to a year.

Does anyone know any more about this firsthand? Reading articles on it is making me more emotional, and I just think a first person account of dealing with this would help me a lot.

Thank you so much for any replies.
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