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I was out all day with my camera to document some training, so I thought I'd make an Engagement video. I've been meaning to for a while.

I have the distinct pleasure of having one dog who is very environmentally motivated and one who is very driven to play and interact with me. The former, Soro, is very devoted to me, loves treats, and loves to play. But if he had life his way his nose would be glued to the ground. Brae has the genetics to be naturally focused and very engaging.

It takes understanding Fenzi's principle of Engagement before viewing.

There are some 'mistakes' or breaks in engagement for both dogs if you have the eye to see them. Still, the differences between the two are obvious.
What's cool (for me) is using Engagement, I'm able to get Soro to be very happy to train with me, even though the ultimate distractions (smells) are all around. A few years ago I would have really struggled to get his focus at all and I would have used a ton of cues in trying to do so, and then ending up with some lackluster responses. Although it takes a minute to GET engagement from Sor, once he's there he is bouncy and happy to play.
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