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End of a long enjoyable journey.

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Started training professionally in 1963 and as of 7/1/12 I have officially retired. It has been a fantastic trip and we are still boarding dogs and our Pierce dog chastises me daily to keep me in line so all is good.

I have a bad left ankle broke many years ago stepping off a horse (always thought the horse was suppose to step in a gopher hole) and a bad right knee from motorcycle accident, each year more pain and I am not into the replacing of any body parts. (stubborn started with my own and will end it that way)

A lady called 6/25/12 and said she had a 9 month old GSD wild as the pure driven snow, when I inquired about dog's weight she said 115 lbs, I knew it was time to hang it up because instead of the dog it was the ankle/knee thing that popped into my head. My wife has been getting on my case the last 2 yrs so it is a done deal.

Somebody on DF just PM-ed me to ask about rates so I thought I should just mention it on DF.

What is this crazy world coming to, I would have thought my training skills/stories/etc would have scared most away. I guess maybe I should get my own TV show :)
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You are absolutely, and I repeat absolutely, not permitted to retire ...

... from this forum.

Your wisdom and wry sense of humour would be missed too much.

Anyway, happy Pierce handling and righting yourself after a Pierce knock-down.
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