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End of a long enjoyable journey.

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Started training professionally in 1963 and as of 7/1/12 I have officially retired. It has been a fantastic trip and we are still boarding dogs and our Pierce dog chastises me daily to keep me in line so all is good.

I have a bad left ankle broke many years ago stepping off a horse (always thought the horse was suppose to step in a gopher hole) and a bad right knee from motorcycle accident, each year more pain and I am not into the replacing of any body parts. (stubborn started with my own and will end it that way)

A lady called 6/25/12 and said she had a 9 month old GSD wild as the pure driven snow, when I inquired about dog's weight she said 115 lbs, I knew it was time to hang it up because instead of the dog it was the ankle/knee thing that popped into my head. My wife has been getting on my case the last 2 yrs so it is a done deal.

Somebody on DF just PM-ed me to ask about rates so I thought I should just mention it on DF.

What is this crazy world coming to, I would have thought my training skills/stories/etc would have scared most away. I guess maybe I should get my own TV show :)
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Aw! Sad, but also happy for you!

And...I demand a Pierce update!
Much abuse from Pierce and I wish he would stop it.
Please tell me you won't be retiring from forums!
You people aren't that lucky, you're stuck with me for a while, I'm retiring not dying.
Congrats o your retirement! You should look into a new knee; was talking to a gentleman who recently had his replaced and said it's the best thing he's ever done. Me, I have two knees that need replacing but I'll be starting with a new hip. Keep us up to date on Pierce!
No I'm kinda an exercise freak prefer squats and other assorted exercises, push-ups, crunches etc. I broke my wrist and 2 ribs 3 yrs ago and the Dr wanted to install pin/screws in the wrist. I told him no and when cast came off he was pushing therapy, I politely refused and did my own and have full use of wrist.

I'm not advising no knee replacement etc just not for me. When I broke the ankle years ago I was in South Dakota and I thought it was just a severe sprain.

I had 25 dogs and 2 horses to take care of, so each morning I would spray the ankle with ether's starter spray to freeze ankle and strap boot on, I found out 10 yrs later that it had been broken. Oh well as I've said before, not brightest bulb in box.
I think the world is loosing a great trainer! You've always been someone I admired Wvasko, you deserve a good retirement!
Easy with that world losing me stuff and you never know if breed 91 pops up I may have to come out of retirement.

Congrats!!!!!! Now you have time for that ACD you have always wanted..... We have two litters penciled in for 2013.
No, and I repeat no, a 2nd dog would have to be larger because when Pierce knocks me down (which he has twice) I would like a 2nd strong fluffy dog to land on, maybe a big old Newfie.

Just had to add this to the mix, I can just see one of them ACD pups heeling me so Pierce has an easier shot at me.
Congrats on the retirement, wvasko! Perfect timing getting your boy Pierce to keep you young and on your toes in retirement. Who needs a bunch of other dogs to train when you have Pierce, who is XX dogs in one!
Winnie, you have no idea how much truth there is in what you just said, whew!!!

TWAB, there is absolutely no chance of tangling with any dog unless maybe that 91st breed magically pops up.

Were that to happen it would have to be a very kind, small to medium breed dog or the only tangling I would be doing would be with my wife who is ecstatic that I'm finished dodging teeth and muscled mayhem. As stated above Pierce has added enough adventure in our lives.

I got to say some of DF has rubbed off on me as I probably have used more treats with Pierce than the last 50 dogs trained. Oh my!!! I'm hoping none of my old school trainer/friends read this.
If you can get away with it, a massage from a pretty trainer is always a good motivation for rehabilitation...
Yeah, righttt!!!!

My wife is not a positive type person and the aversive used on me would not be pretty, besides that I would prefer to stay out of what I call "the old fool group" as that's kinda what I think of any older jerk that pursues young pretties. I always thought that maybe they did not get that job done when they were the proper age.

A good man should knows his limitations and his place in life. I'm just sayin'...
Well, I have a question, now that I have retired from training do I get an amateur status rating on DF. If not now, how long if ever does it take.
You still have Pierce and you still have all of us... so you are still in training :)
Well you do realize there is one big difference between a good amateur and a good professional, the Pro gets a paycheck.

Now Pierce does not have a job so no money coming in there. I also have not received any cash/checks from DF so legally speaking I am back to amateur status. :) Whoops I forgot the kennel owner/operator thing. Oh well I tried.
I encourage you to reconsider on th eknee..my mom was convinced it was the wrong thing to do, and she has found a new freedom and a new happiness!
Me getting a new knee would be like like putting spats on a pig, might work for a while but in the long run not good.

Have you trained an Alaskan Klee Kai yet? Casper is only 18 lbs...
I think the Alaskan Klee Kai breed is doing fine, no reason to set it back years with me jumping in :)
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