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So… a few of you guys may remember that I was getting a puppy from Valletta Maltese. I ended up picking him up on Saturday and am now coming to the end of my second day with him. I can't believe how good it has gone so far. I did the intros like explained in the thread on this site and there has been no aggression so far. Lila did have to do a few warning growls if he got too close or in her "bubble" but nothing I would consider aggressive or negative. They pretty much just left each other alone except for sniffing and stuff but I think today there was a slight turning point.. my boyfriend's cat walked into the room and they both started barking at it. I think the common enemy bonded them :). LOL I am sure I am just anthropomorphizing (sp?) but it was still really funny because they ended up playing for the first time ever after that. So maybe it did bond them. They are now sleeping next to each other, so things can't be going too bad.

I will post pics in the pic section!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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