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Emma the lovely hound girl! (adopt!)

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Today I was paired with a hound. Soo sweet. She must have been a hunter or something; she had no idea what a leash was, and had no training. I got her to learn to heel; people must have thought that the only words I knew were "C'mon, Emma. Good girl." lol

This is "sit." Or..jump. lol

I iz preety.

I has huge eyez.

With 1/2 hour left in the event, she found a stuffed toy on the floor and loooved it, so I bought her a stuffie. It's incredible; I made her day with $3. lol
I love my toy.

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She loved everyone, dog and human, but since she was "just another hound", nobody looked twice.

Nom nom

Continuing to nom nom nom

Just chillin.

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Will you adopt (or foster) me??

That's all! :)
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I wish I could've taken her home as a foster. I felt so guilty putting her back on the truck to go to the kennel. She was trying to hide behind be and run back in the store. ): I'm hoping she finds a good home soon, too.
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