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I've been thinking of a doggy medical kit lately too and what to keep in it, this is some of the stuff I've come up with.

Along with your basic medical stuff like gauze I would highly recommend some peroxide (in case she swallows something bad at a pee break!)

An antiseptic wash is a good idea. Band-Aid makes a hurt free antiseptic wash...it comes in a blue bottle and I swear by it for myself and I used it on our cat that got attacked last fall. I used to carry it in my personal first aid kit when I worked in the field. It has a tiny bit of lidocaine (sp?) in it to help with the pain. I don't know if there is a generic brand.....

Some Benadryl in case a major allergy is discovered (Here's a site on dosages etc. write yourself a note on the package, recheck as she grows).

Maybe a some heat packs and cold packs (you know those ones if you break the seal it gets cold or hot depending on the type) these would be good for both of you! If you get stuck and its really cold or really hot they could help hold off frostbite/heatstroke for long enough to get help (booties in case you have to walk for help might not hurt either).

E vet number either written on the kit or at least on speed dial in your cell phone.

Tweezers in case you need to remove thorns or something that she might come in contact with at a roadside stop.

Don't forget about stuff for yourself too....if you're hurt you might not be able to take care of her if you don't take care of yourself first!

I'd throw in a ball or something and a long line. If you ever break down with no medical emergency and are waiting for help some entertainment can't hurt!

There's also some Youtube videos on basic first aid for dogs that are worth a watch.....just in case!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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