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I am married too so if something happened to me, my husband would look after the dogs. However, if something happened to BOTH of us we don't really have a good plan.

I do have a card in my wallet with emergency contacts for the dogs, but who knows if anyone would see it. We also have a card in our front window - one of those "in case of fire please save our pets" signs. It doesn't have instructions with what to do with them though.

For Pepper we did ask a friend to look after her in case of our deaths, but that was a few years ago and this person is really not the best candidate. I would hope my parents would take her, but I've never asked them. Kane is a different matter. He's fearful and doesn't trust anyone he doesn't know so he would be an issue. He would have to go to a rescue who deals with fearful dogs, but again, who knows what would actually happen to him if we both were gone. Someone at the daycare might be willing to take him, but how would they know we even died? They would just think we stopped coming.

I have been wanting to get a will, but haven't done it yet (my husband is resistant). Once I do I will have plans in there for looking after the dogs.

I bring Kane to work with me regularly and have often wondered what would happen if I were to get into an accident.
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