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I have a friend who is in somewhat the same position as you except
that she is no doubt much older. :)
What she did is:
Took a picture of each of her three dogs.
Tacked them up in her porch on a bulletin board. Can't miss seeing it when you come in.
Under each, the name, age and a list of feeding instructions and quirks.
(one will only eat if you hold the bowl etc.)
She has let a few select friends (I'm one) know the code to get into her house.
Before she goes anywhere, she sends a quick text to this same network of friends
and a text again when she is back home.
Because she is quite elderly and not in the greatest health, I have her send me a
text every morning, "Hi" just so I know she is okay.
She has left explicit instructions as to what to do with her dogs should she not
get up to greet another day.
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