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Our puppy, Sasha, came from a cattle farm. She was weaned onto raw beef liver, raw wild deer and Ol' Roy. When we brought her home we gave her Ol' Roy.

By her second or third day at home I realized she was scratching like crazy. She doesn't seem to have fleas. I blamed the shampoo I used on her first day home. I rinsed her again and used a conditioner.

Over her first week tried I transitioning her onto Nature's Variety Salmon and Sweet Potato because Ol' Roy is junk and I am neither a farmer nor a hunter. When the teeny bag of Ol' Roy was gone after a little over a week, she became constipated on just the NV. I started adding Nutra Nuggets to the NV, about half and half.

Her poo is nice now, but she's still itching like crazy.

She was dewormed with fenbenzadole (Safeguard) as soon as I brought her home as are all my other pets. Her ears are clean and don't smell. I see no bugs or rash on her. Our other dog and two cats are not itching. We use very few chemicals in the house due to my own sensitivities. I did bathe Sasha the other day in a pyrethrin shampoo just in case she does have an external parasite. She's still itching all over.

The vet I took her to was useless, barely even examined her before giving her a shot. She'll see someone else next time (two weeks from now).

I wonder how to go about an elimination diet.
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