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Here's a really informative and recent survey that shows how effective different fencing options are: https://www.companionanimalpsychology.com/2017/11/escaping-dogs-some-fences-are-better.html

Although your method is not listed, I would not trust it for a few reasons. I have personally mishandled a dog once... he was sniffing around the e-fence (not invisible), which I did not know was hot, got shocked, jumped THROUGH to the other side, and refused to come to me. Actually, he did try once since I thought 'what if I just try to get him through real fast'. The poor soul actually did try, got shocked again, and then refused to approach me after that. I had to have someone hold the line, find the entrance and go all the way around to retrieve the dog. He would not look at me for the rest of the day. It was not my best moment.

My friend also had such a fence fail to contain a herd of pigs. That was a mess to round up... All because some shrubbery was against the wire, thereby rendering the whole system ineffective.

Point being, all fences have a chance of failure. But with any fencing system that uses pain to teach dogs boundaries, the potential consequences (increase chance of reactivity and aggression, chance of fear, not keeping other animals out, getting out and not coming in, etc.) are much greater. I would absolutely never use such a system for a puppy. Also, 4' is not very high at all. Maybe for a Newfie... But a lot of dogs can clear a 4' fence or barrier with ease. I would much prefer a solid fence, tall chain link, or even a thoughtfully set up tethering system.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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