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Electric collar recomendation that locks shock

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I'm looking for an e-collar that can lock the shock, but keep the tone/vibration on at all times. I can't find anything online that specifically mentions it (just that it locks) so looking for personal reccomendations. We've worked with a trainer and our dog is used to an e-collar, but we're looking to upgrade. We primarly use the tone/vibration and want to be sure we don't accidently hit the shock unless we need to. Not looking to get into a discussion on whether we should/should not use one, just looking for reccomendations.
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Garmin pro 550 you can do that (set it to tone only). I believe I can as well with my E Collar Technologies Pro 900.. but due to a more complex configuration it might be less handy.
I used the garmin dog tracker system an you have the option to not insert the prong contacts into the collar. so there is no collar contacts to accidently activate ..
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