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What do I do for training? Nothing really. I work to keep the dogs physically conditioned, but a sighthound should/will pretty much chase motion. It *should* be in their genes to do so. You can do some work to get them excited about plastic bags...take some white garbage bags (like the kind you get at the $1 store that are thin and cheap and on the small side) and put a yummy smell or a bit of raw meat inside. Attach it to the end of a lure pole and let him chase, catch and "find" the hidden meat surprise. Basically, associated white plastic bags with all things wonderful and great in the eyes of a dog. You want them to want to get that bunny...er...bag!

But, some dogs just won't chase plastic. I've only ever seen one greyhound that wouldn't chase plastic (surprisingly she was a stakes racer at one of the top tracks in her racing career)...but with the greys and most of the traditional sighthounds, it just comes naturally. Heck, most any breed will chase something that's moving...sighthounds just do it with a lot more speed and agility ;)

The only other thing we really work on is recall...that's important.

I can't wait to see pics!!!
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