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Eep...dog on kibble/raw food diet...

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Ok..so I adopted a husky today and he seems to come with lots of questions. His previous owners were feeding him (and his cohorts) a kibble and raw meat diet. Which is fine, I have no problems feeding him raw foods. But..one of the things Tiberius loves is beaver. This makes me cringe, but I'll go with it. So my question, is it best to give him a whole beaver and let him go to town or cut the meat off the bone?
Also, what type of food do you guys recommend? I bought him some Ol' Roy to tide him over until I can get someplace to get better food.

Proud mom of Tiberius
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Where we live there are a lot of trappers and instead of wasting the bodies of the beaver they often sell or donate them to sled dog owners in the area. I know Ol' Roy isn't the best but sadly we don't have a good pet store up here. I had to settle for what Wal*Mart had and they were short on stock. :( I'll see if I can get Nature's Choice...if not at around here I may have to go downstate and stock up.

He loves Beef too so I'll be getting beef. As far as I know he's never had much for Chicken or lamb or anything else. And lamb is sometimes hard to get up here..so I may have to get some chicken and beef for him on shopping day.

Thanks :)
Tonight websearching is going to be my friend. I know most places that sell the good stuff are at least a three hour drive from me. We have always fed our dogs Purina but I'm open to feeding options. :)
I'm not too worried about the raw part. I'm gonna stick to Beef and chicken...kinda cut out the beaver even though he loves it (maybe save it for special goodies). I think I'm gonna check out Eagle Pack. Its sold some what locally (and I know this sounds kinda odd) but that saves me from having to stock up for months on some of the others that are sold in Bangor or farther south.

Thank you very much for the suggestions Moon.
Not only does that scare me...but I don't know if I could butcher a beaver. I may keep one to two this trapping season, butchered in the freezer, for special goodies. Otherwise its going to be beef, chicken and lamb (when I can get it). Right now though...he is eating everything so fast its making him sick...so he gets little portions and that seems to help.
Yeah I'm not all excited about beaver either Willowy. I am going to get some Purina Thursday..and I think I'm gonna get some Eagle Pack from the vet in Fort Kent (which is an hour north of me). I may also talk to his vet to see what he recommends. Most of the vets who are withing a 20 or 30 minute drive only sell Science Diet I think it is. The other option is to call down the milling place in Houlton, tell them what type of activity and such he gets and the can custom blend food for him.
Yeah we always fed Purina to our Great Danes and they did good. So I may do that. He won't eat the Ol' Roy really. He sorta munches on it..but doesn't like it. So Purina is on my shopping list. :)
We'll see what critters he tries to catch this summer. We are still pretty buried under snow here..so he hasn't got too many animals to chase. lol. I'm just waiting for the geese to start migrating. Our street is always Geese central at migration time. :D
I wanted to thank everyone for their advice. :) I got him some Purina One and he seems to enjoy it alot more...as long as the cat food is outta his reach. He would prefer to eat the Meow Mix Indoor Formula his two feline fursiblings eat, so its been moved. :) He is much more energetic with the new food too which makes me a bit happy. Although he still likes to laze around.
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