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Eddie's eye color...?

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Silly post but...I've gotten a few questions about Eddie and his eyes. It seems people think that his eye color is unusual for a Lab. :confused: To me, they are brown...just a really pretty shade of brown (biased here...) but nothing out of the ordinary for a Lab. Someone told me, "He has the eye color of a Rottweiler!" :confused:
I could careless if he WERE part Rottie...but I'm pretty sure that he's not. :rolleyes: I looked at a few images of Labs and what color their eyes were and they look like Eddie's...except Eddie's seem to be a tad darker brown but nothing "weird".

So what do you think? Is his eye color a little unusual for a Lab?

Granted Eddie was a stray so I'm not 100% certain that he's not a Lab mix...but he looks pretty much all Lab to me...he's just big at 110lbs..but that could be poor breeding.
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It could also be an optical illusion, since he is a black dog, which may cause his eyes to look darker.
His eyes are the same color as my grandpa's Lab, Boomer. Although Boomer probably wasn't entirely purebred---his tail was a bit fluffy and curled over his back. Though that also could have been from just bad breeding, not from being mixed-breed. He was sold as a purebred, just no papers.

Anyway.....after all that rambling---yes, I think that eye color is normal for a black Lab. He's a good-looking guy!
Looks pretty normal to me... dogs eye color changes in diffrent light the same way ours does. it could just be the lighting when people see his eyes...
Perfectly normal- at least based on the color as it shows up on my monitor, it's very nearly the same shade as Mal and Kaylee's eyes (Rittie's are even darker.) While they're a different breed and black/tan/white as opposed to black, his eyes are well within the normal color range for a lab.
looks normal to me. Perhaps because they're pretty much the same colour as my boy's eyes.
Hm, lets see.
A Rottweiler's eyes are supposed to be dark brown

The standard for a Lab calls for
Kind, friendly eyes imparting good temperament, intelligence and alertness are a hallmark of the breed. They should be of medium size, set well apart and neither protruding nor deep-set. Eye color should be brown in black and yellow Labradors, and brown or hazel in chocolates. Black or yellow eyes give a harsh expression and are undesirable. The eye rims are to be black.
Looks like Eddie is perfect. :)
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I'm glad to see that everyone agrees that he's normal....lol I don't really understand why some people think that they are unusual. One of the people is my boyfriend's mother. She loves Eddie's eyes and is always talking about them and how pretty they are...and they are pretty...but they are just...brown.

It could be that people never really pay attention to a dogs eyes and when they noticed his they thought they were an unusual color...or it could be like what others said...they way they look in the light...like sunlight or something...*shrug* But now I can say with confidence that he has the eye color that Labs are supposed to have...:p People can be so silly sometimes...;)

Personally, I like the contrast in chocolate Labs between their coat and eye color. Very pretty.
I had a long-haired GSD with orange eyes. One of my current dogs has almost black eyes. Why would dark eyes be a problem? lol
Cooper's eyes are the same color. He's a Lab/Chow and all black, like Eddie. I think the black brings out the brown because when you look at Cooper, his brown eyes really stand out. Just makes him look more handsome! :)
I have to admit, I thought he looked a little rottie... but it could just be the angle of the pic, and I'm no expert :p As far as his eye colour goes, it looks quite normal to me. He looks like a really happy boy by the way :D
Now if he had pale eyes like a Weim, that would be unusual. I have seen that before, in supposedly "purebred" Labs. But his eye color is pretty usual.....what do they want him to have, blue eyes?
I think people are thinking they look lighter brown than normal...my black faced dog has eyes that pretty much look black, as do alot of others I've seen...that's what makes them so hard to photograph. I think Eddie has pretty eyes...since he's black they just stand out more. I do think he looks a little rott, but not because of the eyes, just head shape.
Hmmm...maybe I should have DNA testing done...lol
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