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Hey everyone,

I am new on this site, I have been breeding boxers for about 10 years. Took a break half way because of health issues, I started again 5 years ago. I purchased a beautiful American female, she is now spayed and living her best life here. I really wanted to get into breeding European boxers, I purchased a female puppy from a line of champions and health tested parents.

She recently turned two, I started her health testing. Hips were good, I went in to do an echo on her heart with a board certified cardiologist. This was the first time going with this vet. Right off the bat, she seemed very anti breeder. But I thought, I am paying for a service so who cares.
The results were not good, which happens I mean there’s no perfect dog. Well I told the breeder and he wanted to get a second opinion so I asked for a hard copy of the echo. As of now, I have not received it. I have called their office and they told me multiple times I would get it later on that day through email and never receive it.
So my question is, since they are being so shady would it be worth to get a second echo on her by a recommended cardiologist? Or should I just take the diagnosis?
I am very heart broken over this, she was a long time dream of mine.
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