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My sympathies, and I know about the heartache. I have right now a girl who comes from generations of Rottweilers with all the health clearances on both sides, yet she and 6 other puppies out of her litter of 10 had orthopedic issues. It was just a star-crossed cross so to speak. If you can afford it or your girl's breeder is going to pay, I'd be all for a second echo and opinion. It's important to you, and you're going to make a big decision based on those results, so you need to feel confident the practitioner knew what they were doing and bias didn't affect results or interpretation. For that matter if the result of a cardiac test was "not good," you need to know exactly in what way and what your girl needs to keep her as healthy as possible.

I'd also get tough to the point of nasty with the vet practice that's not coughing up the copy of the echo they did. It's not as if you're going to want to deal with them again, is it? Can you stomp into their office in person?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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