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eating everything in sight

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thank you so so much to this site...... our little pup since we bought the cage and settled her into it is a completely changed puppy... so much more behaved... so much more settled sleeping well and toileting outside (well mostly) .... now we seem to have come up against a new problem ..... geeez she will eat anything... and i mean anything in sight....today she was out of the cage playing the phone rang and i took my eye off her for a few seconds... she managed to eat the toothpaste.. the deoderant... the hair gel and my perfume.... at the park she will eat her poo other dogs poo... stale bread... ohh and chewing gum is her favourite... as much as shes the laugh of the park for her gorging... surley this cant be correct....

she is feed twice a day... she has regular snacks... and is fed according to weight and what the package says....

any ideas would help greatfully... its getting embarrasing to take her out... all the other puppies are running after the ball .. shes in the long grass eating a bumble bee :(
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Just like a baby, you have to keep him from getting to these things. This behavior is normal for a puppy and even some dogs. Flouride toothpaste is toxic to dogs. I would be really concerned. I would be talking to the vet.

Also, get some activated charcoal for the next time he ingests something toxic.
What you're experiencing is pretty normal. Puppies are a pain in the tuches. You have to watch them every second or, as you've already discovered, they can get in an amazing amount of mischief in the time it takes you to check the mail box. You can start teaching "leave it" and "drop it", but there are no quick fixes.

There is a very good reason why puppies are born cute.
Yes sounds like normal puppy behavior. However, you don't say how old the puppy is and I'm wondering if feeding 3 times a day instead of 2 would help curb her appetite for inappropriate things.

The guidelines on the bag are just that.. guidelines. If your puppy gets lots of exercise you can adjust the food intake upward to compensate.

Just a thought
Depending on the age...she could be teething as well. My dog did the same thing when he was teething. Anything and everything.

But yes, it is also just the puppy thing to do, like a child.. anything you dont want them to get into has to be put up so they can't get into it. Or you could try hot sauce on things that can't be put up.

And you could load up on the chew toys and soup bones as well.

You also want to be very watchful of her that she is not eating other dog's poo as she could get worms.

It's too bad Acts of Dog aren't covered on home insurance :p
you're right about puppies being cute for a reason. Mine got into the bathroom, grabbed the toilet paper (still on the roll on the wall) and ran off with it. Half the time I spend chasing him with things he shouldn't have in his mouth to try and replace it with a proper chew toy. You are not alone, I promise. I've been using the redirecting method (where you take him off of whatever he's chewing and replace it with something he should be chewing) and it's been working pretty good. I even give him a treat every so often when he's chewing on his correct toys.

Can anyone recommend a good non-chew spray? My dog licks the one I have.
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