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Easy way to get my lab in the shower?

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She does love water its just getting her to walk in the shower to give her a shower is the hard part. She will not go in the bath tub so i give her a shower in my bathroom. Last time i tried to give her a shower she would not walk in the shower. She always walks in the shower when im taking one, lol, she always pokes her head in and just stays there...its funny. Ive tried putting treats in the shower to try to get her to walk in but it only goes so far. Once she gets in there shes fine, i just cant get her to walk in. Ugh.
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How about peanut butter on the walls?
How about peanut butter on the walls?
lMAO...it would be gone in 5 seconds.
LOL I like that idea. Mine go in the shower okay, although it's probably not their favorite thing in the world.

It would be a nice surprise for them.
I have to pick up my 2 and put them in the bath tub. It's bad. China is 65 pounds and LeRoy is 74 pounds.
She's only refusing to get in there because she can. ;) If you simply make it not a choice...she will accept it and know the next time when you ask her to come into the shower, she will walk in. Put a collar that won't slip off when you tug on it, and simply walk her into the shower.
ive tried leaving on her collar and doin it that way. She just tries to back up and its impossible to pull her in. I had my hubby stand behind her so she cant try to back up. He couldnt even get her in the shower last time, it took forever.
Don't try to pull her in, just hold tight when she pulls back. Don't let her get a step back. When she realizes you aren't budging, and gives the slack back, praise her, let her stand a minute, and then pull her forward, repeating again the above. If that fails, I would suggest obedience classes so you have some control over your dog, rather than the dog controling you. Or you could just take her to a groomer and have it done for you.
When my first standard poodle got skunked, she walked in the door, and went straight into the bathroom to the tub. Other than that, it was a test of wills.
i'd say get in with her.

i just throw on a pair of shorts and stand in the bath with her. the second i go in she follows.
My shepherd mix and my lab don't *like* getting in the tub but eventually we have gotten to the point where we tell them "get in" and they do it. Now, the shepherd will get the idea of what is about to happen and without fail every time that's when she really needs to go outside. It's pretty funny (she does this when it's time for nail trimming and ear cleaning too). Just remember who's in charge.

It's been a process but I think it starts with not giving them an option. It won't work well if you try to pull them in because their natural reaction is to back up when you pull them forward.

With our lab bribing was necessary. We put small treats in the tub and she easily went in the tub to get those :D

Consistency works best. You don't want to get them in the shower just when it's bath time. Do it a few times a week just to get them in, give a treat, and then guide them out. That way they get used to getting in and it isn't always a bad thing.
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