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Easter break project: hammock bed

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So this is the result of my Easter break project (don't mind the cone, just a minor hot spot we need to prevent Frodo from licking as it heals):


Safe to say I think it was a success. I didn't exactly intend for the boys to both use it at once, but that was probably short-sighted of me, haha.

Sam got what he wanted in the end though.


I'm pleased overall. Definitely should've picked a different fabric though, because I'm not sure how long this will last having seen it in use. It's a lighter canvas and I absolutely should've gone for a heavier canvas or awing/lawn chair plastic fabric. It wouldn't be too difficult to re-do now that I know what I'm doing, but the bummer is that those 3-way L joints on the corners are impossible to find in Norway, from what I can tell, so it'd take weeks to get replacements from eBay or the like.

I mostly followed this tutorial, if anyone's curious: Build a Dog Cot for Around $10 just don't believe the 'for around $10' part unless you have a lot of the materials already hanging around.
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Nice! May I ask what the benefits of a hammock bed style are?

Is it for hot weather?
It can be good for hot or cold weather (if you have a floor that's very cold in the winter), but is also a good indoor-outdoor option because they're often lightweight and portable (this PVC DIY version is, anyway), and tend to dry quickly and be easy to wipe down compared to a bed with stuffing, especially if you use proper outdoor fabric like what's meant for lawn chairs or awnings. Elevated dog beds are also supposed to be easier for dogs with mobility issues to get in and out of, though that's not currently a concern with my boys.

I also made it to help with 'station' training, because my younger dog struggles with using a mat or regular bed as a station because he creeps off of them and doesn't seem to 'get' that all four feet have to be on the station. With a taller bed like this, he can't creep off without stepping off, which gives him a much clearer boundary to help understand the criteria I'm asking for. Especially when I need him to stay on a 'station' when exciting things are happening, like giving my older dog a turn training.
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