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East German GSD versus West German GSD

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Our MP unit actually has a few K9 teams assigned to it. I've noted one Malinois and one GSD. The GSD though is huge. It's about 100 lbs of muscle, which leads me to believe it's a European line GSD. I don't have pictures, yet, but the dog has the straight as opposed to the sloped back of an American line GSD, it's got the black and brown and grayish coloration in its fur, and it's larger than the 80-85 lbs by the breed standard. I doubt it's a Shiloh because it's fur isn't shaggy enough. If I were to guess I'd say it was an East German GSD. Does that breed still exist or is it crossbred into other GSD lines?
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The color is sable, and he's most certainly a european lined dog.

East German is not a separate breed, but a separate strain of GSD (working lines as opposed to American or German show lines)

I could breed that dog to my American bitch and they'd still be registered as German Shepherd Dogs
There is certainly no shortage of East German/DDR dogs. They are still bred ALL over the world.

I could post a list of hundreds of East German/DDR breeders
Actually, they DO still pay attention to breed standards. They have to, or they will lose the correct size of the dogs, and they WILL get too big. Dogs that are too large have power, but lack agility, and that is IMPORTANT to have.

so if a GSD I see is over 100lbs and I'm sure it's a purebred I figure it's from a European working line. Is this assumption correct?
No. It could easily be a BYB/Puppy Mill Dog

Height is more important than weight.

My male is a German lined dog primarily. 27" at the withers....he only weighs 85 pounds ;)
I know the Army dog most likely wasn't, but going by weight really is not a reliable way to tell where the dog is from.

The Shiloh's and King's are not another GSD breed...they are "separate breeds" entirely. I generally choose to pretend they don't exist....

They're mixed with Malamute and other such breeds to get all the hair and size.

Size varies within the actual GSD lines, and what is considered "large" to one person, may not be to another.

One person may think your 100lb GSD friend is large, even if he's "only" 24" tall, where another will consider my 27" (oversized by an inch) GSD large, though he "only" weighs 85 lbs.
God yeah, Shyness is a HUGE flaw
OMG The Alt Ostland dogs have always been uber fab!
The problem that the military and American police have, is that the Malinois is not as clear headed as the GSD. They are highly reactive and it makes them harder to control, whereas even tough GSDs can be rather pushbutton.

Many K9 handlers are NOT Dog Men...they get into it because they think it's cool, but they don't KNOW dogs.
Again, that goes back to being a dog person, which most handlers aren't
Hate to break it to you, but the breed as a whole is pretty unhealthy, and not restricted to the American dogs.
Nope, not healthier...just dealt with differently.
No, because you're not crossing anything, unless you're talking about breeding a GSD to like, a Malinois, but then you're screwing with temperament and can get all sorts of stability issues.

People have discussed the pros and pitfalls of such an idea, because it has been suggested.
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