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East German GSD versus West German GSD

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Our MP unit actually has a few K9 teams assigned to it. I've noted one Malinois and one GSD. The GSD though is huge. It's about 100 lbs of muscle, which leads me to believe it's a European line GSD. I don't have pictures, yet, but the dog has the straight as opposed to the sloped back of an American line GSD, it's got the black and brown and grayish coloration in its fur, and it's larger than the 80-85 lbs by the breed standard. I doubt it's a Shiloh because it's fur isn't shaggy enough. If I were to guess I'd say it was an East German GSD. Does that breed still exist or is it crossbred into other GSD lines?
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I think my 100lbs GSD is about 25" as the eye measures. He's actually scared off feral Iraqi dogs and those animals don't scare easily, especially if in packs.

On another note, I remember we had a black GSD who was a good MWD but his idiosyncracy was that off working hours he tended to shy away from (save his handler) male soldiers (i.e. 90% of the unit) but absolutely loved female ones (he was particularly fond of hiding behind our admin clerk's legs or going to den under her desk). I wonder if this is a flaw by the GSD breed standard, shyness.
Is it possible that this is more a lack of proper early socialization than true shyness?
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