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Easing the transition to my home

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Background- I made a topic in the other forum about what to do with my nutty dog to keep her busy. It just so happened that we had a friend who was having trouble caring for all 5 of her dogs (which seems like nothing, because my mom and me together now have 9 dogs, including fosters.)
Anyway, she said that she had a wonderful small, sturdy, playful mix that I might try to bring home with me.
I met the dog, charlee met the dog, and he was perfect, so I told her that I would bring him back to the beach with me and see how he does with me for the week.
We got him all the necessary things (crate, leash set, bowls, ect) and he's been doing great. I gave him a bath last night and he was fine in the crate.

Anyway, this is what the topic is about:

We took him on a long walk with Charlee this morning, and they did great together, so we went ahead and he made the 3 hour ride home with me and Charlee.
Now that we're here, he just seems exhausted. He's growling at charlee, so Ive been keeping her in her crate for the majority of the time so he can have some space.

The problem is that he's still adjusting, whereas charlee is obviously perfectly comfortable here, since this is her home. She wants to play. I feel kinda bad for him, because he's a) disoriented b) away from his previous people c) exhausted.

He isnt eating or drinking much, which worried me just a little, even though I know thats kinda normal in this case. He's been through a lot in the past two days.

Any tips on getting through this first week would be incredible and so appreciated.

Charlee is a 1.5 yr medium sized (40-45 lbs) female hound dog (very playful)
And Trout, the new boy, is 5 (so they're going to need to work out the ages), about 30 lbs, and a shorty. So I can see how he's feeling intimidated by her, because even though they're not far off in weight, she IS a lot taller and lankier, and he's very short and compact.

I really, really want this to work. Trout is the most perfect little guy in the world, and I kinda wish I had found him first, because he's... perfect. But at this point, charlee is like my child, so I would literally do anything for her.
I want them to be happy, and I know they will be once Trout perks up a little!

Thanks so much guys!

Let me also say that Charlee is being extremely congenial at this point. She's being very respectful, and even let him have the couch to himself! :eek::p
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Wow, you are a very dedicated dog owner. =D I applaud you for your rescuing and fostering, which is something I plan to do in the future.

Anyway, it sounds like (as you said) that he's intimidated. I would let them have there space for a few days, and then try getting them more properly introduced.
Something I would suggest would be to find a toy both dogs really like. Weather it's a tennis ball, rawhide chew, greeny, etc. Once you've done that try letting them play with it together.
You can also find an activity they both like. Maybe they both like to go for walks, or enjoy a special place like Petco. Just find things that both dogs like and let them do it together. =D
Pet Supermarket + Charlee = one hectic outing lol
Ive been taking them on loooong walks around my apartment complex, and they act like they've known eachother for years. Its very cute.
Inside, they're doing better too. They're sharing the couch now (even though separate ends, lol), and playing some. Charlee just needs to learn whats "too much" is for him. He holds his own pretty well, which is saying a lot for a little dog, since Charlee has been known to lauch herself across a room or do backflips over things.

Funny story... with one of my mom's fosters, this HUGE chunk of rottweiler. He was waiting by the door on one side of the room, and Charlee was on the other, sitting on the couch. She was totally preying on him, but he was clueless. Then she backed up against the couch, and took this giant superman leap across the room, knocking the rottie flat over on his side. It was hilarious, and he was completely dumbstruck. Flying hound dog? Say what? Remember guys, this is the dog that decided, as a puppy, it would be funny to jump on my desk and scare the poo outta me.

But anyway, he's doing so much better. Im still monitoring his eating and drinking. Im only giving him JUST a little bit of food, since he's so dang fat. He eats the majority of it, but he isnt crazy about finishing it. He's drinking a little more water, but still not enough to make me happy. Im worried that he's too hot, so Im going to probably get him a haircut if he dosent start some major shedding soon.

I decided to make my bedroom "no man's land" in order to get them to be close to eachother. Since Charlee wasnt allowed in there without me before Trout, she's not territorial about it. I let them have snuggle time with me before I put them to bed. I dont want one but not the other sleeping with me, because I dont want to play favorites. Charlee is very possessive (who would have guessed?) so its a little hard for her to watch me love on another dog. She's getting better though.

Its a good thing she's so smart. If Trout is feeling overwhelmed, I just warn her that Im going to make her go in her house, and she backs right off.

So far so good!
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