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hey, how it going. well my dog loooooooves its ears scratched at, usually ill poke my fingers in there gently and move them around. and my dogs purs like a ***** cat. she also scratches at them time to time. well recently she has ben shaking her head, and scratching even more. she is half lab/blue heeler. I read online that sometimes dogs get mites and stuff in the ears. so I checked them out. well she had some nasty dirty ears. kind of a gross smell, like realy bad earwax smell. I saw alot of "wax"(i think) wich was yellowish black color. so I got some que tips and gently, being extremly carefull started cleaning some of that out. well while doing it her leg went crazy, so she must of liked it, or it felt good. I got most of it but there is still some way deep in her ears where i will not poke down to. well, when I went to throw the que tips away she must of scratched at her ear, because I came back and looked and it was bleeding a bit in one of the creveses in there. so I swabed it and got most of the blood. it wasnt bad but ive never seen her ear bleed before. she is vary smart, so I did some sighn language. pointed to my ear like I was scratching and said no a few times. she seemed to understand and reframed from scratching on instinct. now she seems ok, she hasnt shook her head or scratched yet. my concern is she might srcratch it while im gone and make it bleed. or she might even go def because she scratches her ears so hard. is there a treatment I can do or something to eliminat this? i know in humans you can do that wax treatment where it sucks all the bad wax out of the ear. Im trying my hardest to get enough money to get her checked out and fixed. i was recently laid off because of the economy. so its either get her fixed or have her checked out. she is around 5 so skipping getting her fixed this time might harm her on her next period, or it might not. sooo, is there something i can do or is it up to the vet for this issue?
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if it were me i'd take her in just in case. lots of stuff can go on in a dog's ears that looks like wax. i'm not too experienced in dog health, but i think it's better to play it safe than sorry.
She may have a yeast infection, or bacterial infection (or a combination of both), or ear mites, or all of the above. Take her to the vet. The vet will provide you with a cleansing solution and/or an ear medication to treat the infection (or mites).

Dogs with heavy ear leather are prone to yeast infection, and should have their ears cleaned with a solution made for this. Some dogs need it done bi-weekly, some once a month. I routinely clean my dogs' ears bi-weekly as part of their regular bath routine (I have Poodles, who require more frequent bathing than most breeds).
Hi! I wanted to reply to your little girls ears. I am a dog lover and I have 4 Shar Pei They do a lot of Shaking of their head,Ear scratching, and redness
I take them to the vet because they Have The type of ear that never gets fresh air. The are always closed off by the ear flap, this develops bacteria and or yeast infection. I recomend you take Her to the vet the Medication the vet gives if it is a yeast infection or bacteria will probably be ZYMOX OTIC. This is a great med and it works! I have to take My babys in for a Deep ear cleaning at least once every 2 years Because their ears inside Are like their bodys outside Wrinkled & compact. Have a great day :D

This Is Me Again I happened to reread your Question and I wanted to let you know that the vet puts aswab in your girls ear and checks it for mites & yeast and bacteria the Medication is not that expensive and usually you can call your vet to ask how much it will all cost for them to have Her checked
also when my Shar Peis get a yeast infection in their ears it usually has a bad smell with yellow & dark ear wax in it, I buy Qtips from the vet ( The Long Ones ) to Keep their ears as clean as I can.
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Just want to say thanks for the topic title. Gave my boy a bath and totally forgot to remove the cottons from his ears.
hey, thanks for the replys. i asked the vet and its 38 bucks to get her a check up. so i will take her in next week. she has not shook her head or scratched since last night. so it must of helped a bit. there was still some way down deep in her ear. she wouldnt keep still enough for me to get that deep. so ill have the vet do it if he can. ill keep ypu guys updated. lol, when she was a pup her ears where pointed and straight like a..ah whats the name. i forgot. the police dogs. and now she is older and they flaped over so she looks like a goof. but she points them straight up when she hears things. its funny. but i will reply back and let you know what the vet says. thanks.
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