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Ear Tags for Dogs

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I just got back from Istanbul, I was there for the F1 race this past wekend. While I was there I noticed some of the dogs had ear tags, similar to what you see used on livestock. There was a wide variety of dogs running around the city. There were skiny unkept stray dogs, the mixed/native dogs that we couldn't tell if they were owned or not (these were the ones with the ear tags), and there were a few purebreds (golden & boxer) that were well kept with collars. We couldn't tell if the dogs with the ear tags were owned by anyone sepcificaly or just accepted by the community. They weren't skinny and mangey like the stray dogs. And they were allowed to enter and sleep at the cafes/resturants, whereas the strays were shooed away and treated like pests. Does anyone know what the ear tag signifies? Does it mean those dogs have owners or are special for some reason? I know we have members from all around the world here, so hoepfully someone can fill me in.
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A quick google turned up this:


"There are a fair number of stray dogs on the streets of Istanbul and others who seem to be unleashed pets. Many of them have the ear tag indicating that they've been vaccinated for rabies but the majority that I saw did not. The first time that a couple of pretty hefty dogs approached me, I was rather alarmed before I realized that they had only friendly intentions."

Looks like the ear tag means they are vaccinated, so they are safe to allow around? A few other sources indicated the ear tag means altered. Sounds like a TNR program.

I can post the question on Ask.Metafilter for you if you want, there is a lot of good knowledge on there.
What is F1? Is it a car race?
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