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I'll try this section first....

I noticed over the past few days that Bella is shaking her head a lot. I clean her ears every few weeks in the winter-time and once a week in the humid, summer months.

One of her ears seems to be bothering her. I cleaned them both out after her bath today with an ear solution pad...no wax, or dirt, blood...nothing. But looking closer inside the ear, it almost looks like one has a "rash" - not bumpy, open or oozing...nothing. It almost looks like vericose veins to me....the other ear looks perfect. All I can think of is a "rash"?

She hasn't been digging at it much...just seems to irritate her enough to shake her head around.

Any ideas? Of course if it gets any worse there's a trip to the guy in the funny coat and stethoscope who gives goodies (she LOVES him!)

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