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osdbmom ,

>My husband took her to the vet yesterday for a heartworm check and rabies shot, and the vet looked at the ear and said something along the lines of "if it seems worse, bring her back." (...worse...as in....I dont know, redder? ooozier? flaming cheeseballs leaking out of it? I dont know what Im looking for).<

Why would you need to carry your dog back when you were just there? Your Vet should have given you the needed meds at that time and also told you how to clean the ears. I would call the Vet back and ask for the med to treat the ears since your Vet has already looked at them.

>Initially I thought maybe allergies...bc allergy season is bad here right now. <
This could be seasonal or food allergy.

Always keep an eye out for head shaking because your dog can break a blood vessel in the ear... Hematoma.
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