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Haven't posted any shots of Dru, our American Akita in a few months.
Here he is at 21 months and 100 pounds.
He's 'guarding' the Holiday Ornaments.

We have had some adventures for sure.
Having raised a Shar-pei we 'thought' we knew possessive dogs.
His Separation Anxiety is lessening.
We can now leave him alone in the house for an hour or so w/ no problems.
Add 50 pounds, so far, and a big old heap of goofy and it approaches his temperament.

EVERYWHERE we go people want to pet him, kids especially.
Luckily our socializing him has deepened and now he actually expects to be fawned over.

He is though a GREAT help around the house.
Recently we started teaching him to help w/ the cooking.
Here he is testing the cream cheese to make sure it's OK.

Tractor Supply is having a Giant Dog Bed Sale so we picked one up for him.
Plus as you can see he definitely lacks for toys....lol!

And as ALL the studies have shown we are INDEED having problems w/ him and the cats!

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I know this post is older however, I had to reply. What a gorgeous baby. Also, what wonderful people to adopt Dru and give him what he deserves. It shows how much he is loved. You should be proud of yourselves for enriching his life.
I just recently rescued my most recent baby, Jake. He is a six month old Great Dane. Scared of everything, I mean everything, his own shadow, the leaves blowing in the wind, children jumping or just their loud talking, our shadows, noises, the trees blowing in the wind, the flag blowing in the wind, water, raising your hand to pet him, loud voices, etc. The list goes on and on.
I have had him now about 3 weeks and I see so much improvement. He is gaining strength and hopefully his muscles will develop and he is not damaged by the abuse and neglect by the humans that brought him life to just treat him horribly.
Anyway, I know how rewarding it is when they pick up their first toy, not ever knowing one, and brings it to you. Jake will now pick up his toy and parade around with it for hours. Pacing around not knowing exactly how to interact. It is a slow process, but I treasure him so. I know you feel the same with Dru and he is fortunate to have an angel such as you. Bless you.

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Thanks Elizabeth!
I actually just posted this Thread this morning.
Here's our original
Luckily it doesn't appear he was ever physically abused.
But he was neglected and over caged as our son had to work so many hours.
He thought Dru was being cared for by his roommate.... nope just yelled at, cage smacked and then ignored.
And Thursday when our Son saw him for the first time on 6 months Dru was glad to see him.
BUT as soon as he left acted like he had never been there.
They both know he is better off here.

For three weeks of work it looks like Jake is progressing nicely.

It will be a long and probably lifelong project to get Jake fully comfortable.
First in addressing his health and mental problems and it looks like he's well on his way there!
Then in not going too far but giving him a well structured environment to be safe, confident and happy in.
Let's face it he's a Dane....Goofy IS what I love about those big lugs! lol!
Hope Jake gets Goofy soon!


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What a gorgeous Akita! I knew one years ago, the only one I've ever known and he was awesome! He and I had a mutual love fest.
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