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"Drop It!" People food to keep away from your dog

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As a paranoid new dog owner, I thought this would be a helpful thread. One of my biggest concerns was my dog getting into the pantry and feasting on the wrong things. After consulting my vet, I keep the following foods sealed away and well out of reach:


What else should I add to the list? I'm very conscientious about not feeding her people food, but accidents & spillage happens. I'd like a better idea of when to sigh, and when to panic. I'm interested in foods with actual toxicity, not just things which are bad for her like corn or wheat.
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haven't heard of onions being bad, as my pit/boxer mix eats them if i drop them on the floor and he's never had problems. maybe that's not enough of it to cause complications.

I've heard of all of those and also i've heard mangoes can be bad. Also, a lot of dogs are allergic to chicken. not in a debilitating way, but my dog has a physical allergic reaction to it (redness of skin).

From what I've heard and experience, no small amount of anything that people eat is seriously dangerous for dogs. My uncle had a dog that ate a whole bag of m&ms and was fine.
Thought this quiz might be fun to do..

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