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My older dog (2yrs), Corona, has some fear issues with other dogs. We have a lovely off-leash park across the street that I've tried taking her to a few times.. the first couple times there were other dogs there and it was just not a good situation for her, she was terrified, to the point that she was drooling. So we cut that out.

This spring I've been trying to take her over when the park is empty.. she's still clearly not comfortable.

Anyway, now that Aria has had her second set of shots, I took both of them over this morning. The park was empty, and though they didn't really play, they both wandered around and explored and peed everywhere lol. Three different dogs came in, but they were all super quiet (the first two barely even looked at my girls) and not aggressive or anything. Corona seemed shy and a bit uncomfortable, but not terrified... yet she still ended up drooling.

Just last week a friend of mine was puppy-sitting for me, and both my girls got along great with her doxie, there were no problems.

I'm just stumped. At what point do I just give up and say "she's never going to be a social dog"?

I'm trying very hard to keep Aria from going down the same path.. we start puppy gymboree classes next week..
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