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Our dog recently started to drink more water. Should I be concerned?

History: We adopted Cody in Feb 2011, so we've had him for 5 months. He is about 1.3 years old. He's some kind of collie/shepherd mix, 38 lbs.

Since the day we got him, I try to pay pretty close attention of things like how much he drinks and poops. He usually drink about half a bowl of water, which I thought was kind of not enough. But he seem healthy. His poops were small (feeding Fromm, chicken a la veg). He never seem to be in need of going to the bathroom when we wake up in the morning or when we come home from work. We keep him kenneled at home while we're working.

Recently, he's drinking about 1 full bowl of water a day. That's about twice as much water as before, and we've definitely noticed more trips to the water bowl. We noticed he needed to pee more often as a result. Although I'm glad he's drinking more water, I'm also concerned about the sudden change. There hasn't been any changes in food lately; we've been on the same bag of food for a while. His poops are also much bigger than before. The consistency of the stool is good, but there's just more of it.

This all started about two weeks ago. The only life change was that he stayed at a kennel for 4 days two weekends ago. The kennel seem clean, and we visited him at the kennel every day for a half hour walk (we were staying at a vacation house that didn't allow dogs).

I'm not sure if there's been any change in his fur. It could be just my imagination, but his fur seems slightly less shiny...but it's still in very good shape.

Everything else about him seems ok. I know it's summer and it's hot, so that might account for some of the increased water intake. But, it's been summer for a while now, not just the past two weeks.

Maybe he's being more conscious of his thirst? I think 1 bowl of water is more appropriate for a dog his size than 1/2 a bowl of water a day...but again, I'm worried about the change.
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