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Doodle dandy doodles

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we are about to put a deposit down from a breeder called doodle dandy doodles out of Ledayard,CT

the breeder sent us health documents on the parents of the puppy we will be getting in may the litter is due in late March

I attached what she sent, I’m just trying to be responsible and buy a puppy from a responsible breeder


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As I mentioned in your other thread, I'm not overly impressed with them, either. There are no dogs with the "Doodle Dandy" prefix in the OFA database. I even searched for these two dogs by their registration numbers, and they aren't there. The hip rating are only preliminary (done before the dog was 24 months old) and the patella and eye papers were evidently never submitted. Which, if they were passing (and it looks like they were) would make me wonder why they weren't submitted.
Could you suggest a breeder in New England, New York, New Jersey Or Pennsylvania

poodle or a poodle mix, we are looking for a low to non shed coat

thanks again, glad I found this forum
Those OFA results are preliminary, which means under two years old. To be in the OFA database, the dog must be two years old at the time xrays were taken.

So, these xrays were submitted at under 2 years old.

My questions would be at what age were the dogs bred AND when the dog reached(s) 2 years old are they going to re-x ray for a permanent records?

I did not get in depth looking at everything.. like ages (birth dates) etc of the dogs involved.
My question is "why a doodle?"

Why not cut to the chase and just by a Standard Poodle? They still have to be clipped, they don't shed and you probably will have a lot better shot at finding a reputable breeder.
A well-bred poodle will have all the traits you're looking for in a doodle, plus have an easier to maintain coat, plus lower risk of hereditary health problems (poodles are a relatively healthy breed and their common issues can generally be avoided with even minimally thoughtful breeding), plus will probably cost less.

In my experience breeders with easily found websites are often garbage. People who are breeding small quantities of great dogs don't need to advertise.

If I were looking to get a standard poodle tomorrow and didn't have a connection, I'd contact the local gundog club, ask who's hunting with poodles, and find out where those dogs came from.
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A good place to start looking for Poodle breeders who title and health test their breeding dogs is the PCA National Breeder Referral - The Poodle Club of America

Another option is the Good Dog: Find the Dog of Your Dreams from Good Breeders and Shelters website. They list both purebred an cross-bred breeders. You still need to do some homework, though. Even though they do have minimum standards for being listed, I've found a lot of breeders listed that I wouldn't recommend based on other practices (number of breeding dogs and litters, for example). That said, I did find the breeder that I am planning on getting a puppy from there.

Whether you wind up looking for a purebred dog or cross-bred, you need to make sure that you know what health issues there are in the breeds, and what test results you should be looking for.
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