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Put peeing on cue.

You know that she pees on walks. I'm assuming that you can predict pretty much when she is about to pee. BEFORE she starts to pee say your cue word. I use "hurry up" other common cues are "do your business" or "go potty". I tend to repeat it until the dog goes. When she does pee praise her as if gold was coming out and give her a really special treat (liver, chicken, stinky cheese) within 1 second of her finishing. Try getting her to pee in different locations on your walk. My dog will actually try to squeeze out a pee when I give the cue.

Do the above for a couple of weeks. Take her for 5 walks a day if you need to.

Now try taking her to the balcony before one of your walks and give the cue to pee. This will work best if she has a good understanding of the cue on walks and in as many different locations as possible.

Good luck!
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