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Dominant to Submissive

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Good evening fellow dog lovers,

I have 2 chocolate labs whom my wife and I love very much. Lately it seems as though something has been happening with one of them.

Maddy is our first dog who we got as a puppy, she is now about 3 years old, she is 100% submissive.

Abby is our second dog we got when she was about 1 year old. She is now about 2 1/2. She is our dominant dog, or at least used to be.

I am very intrigued by a new development in Abby. Since we brought her home she has always tried to be the Alpha dog in the pack of our family. She would always eat at the same time as Maddy. (I have both my dogs sit out side of the kitchen anytime we are in there and they don't eat until i tell them "eat") She would always try to mount other more submissive dogs. She would always be testing the boundaries when I gave her command, to which she would never get to far.

Now though, it seems as if she is getting more submissive. The biggest thing now is that when Maddy is eating, Abby won't go into the kitchen. She will go in to get a couple pieces of food and then bring them out and eat them. She will wait until Maddy is completely done eating until she begins to eat. When she does start to eat after Maddy is done, she will eat and pace, to make sure we are still there....

It's just confusing to me after having her act a certain way for so long, to now do what seems as a 180.

Any information you guys can help with is much appreciated.

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When a dogs behavior changes drastically, the first order of business is a vet check to rule out any underlying medical cause.

Btw, please don't post the same thing on three suborums.
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