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Does anyone watch DogTown on National Geographic channel? I've only seen a couple, but I love it so far!

They have a new one on right now about puppy mills. Great!
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Yep ,all the time .It's an excellent show !!
Never seen it before, what time does it come on?
Yeah I think its the best show! I really want to go their one time to see it for real! I cant believe how many dogs they save! I was wondering how you can watch full episodes on the internet because I missed the one last night(friday the 27th) about the puppy mills!

Try http://www.bestfriends.org/dogtown/ for the episode you missed.

I thought I had some kind of disease by watching Dogtown and other dog related stuff on Nat Geo and AP. I guess I do not or everyone along with me does :D

Just went to the Nat Geo schedule. The next time that episode airs will be April 3rd at 6pm
Thanks So much,these forums are REALLY good and helpful,thanks!
I've recently (because my cable only recently picked up NatGeo :p ) developed a "Dogtown" addiction, LOL! I love it. Except it seems like every episode has one dog that dies, and they go to the cemetary, and it makes me cry :( .
Those dogs in Ethiopia brought out a few tears, They were so lucky.
I love this show too, and will DVR so i don't miss it, they are doing a wonderful job of rescueing dogs. Such compassion etc. they just started a new season on natgeo 2 weeks ago.
I've been watching it since the beginning. I think this is their third season. The sad thing is that they have very few episodes per season... I love how beautiful it is in Utah where the sanctuary is and they do such amazing work... Bless them.
I love Dogtown! They just started a new season last Friday. It fills the hole left in my heart when they stopped showing Emergency Vets on Animal Planet. If you have digital cable, scan for episodes of Dogtown - they usually show a few at once, with Dog Whisperer episodes mixed in as well.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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