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If anyone has dogs with epilepsy feel free to tell me your experience.

I have a 1 year 4 month old German Shepherd named Melo who's been having seizures since he was 1. I just wanted to share my experience because I know its comforting to hear stories of other people that are going through what you're going through, makes you feel less hopeless. Melo had 4 seizures in the span of 2 hours, he's taking 300mg of Zonisamide every 12 hours but before take refill arrived he had ran out and that's when the seizures happened. I took him to the animal medical center and they gave him one pill of phenobarbital and also about 15 zonisamide pills. I took him home gave him the pb and 3 pills of the zoni. He was whining non stop, really hungry, really thirsty, forgot some of the house rules (not going through the trash and no standing on the kitchen table), he seemed to not recognize my parents and didn't respond to words like "outside", "eat" and "treat". I was worried because he usually bounced back right away from his seizures. I called the vet and they said it was side effects from the seizure and pb, they said he would be back to normal in 2-7 days. I was really skeptical because he was acting so strange but I was still patient with him. Next day he would not stop whining and pacing the house. Second day he woke up much better he remembered a few more stuff but not completely back to normal about 70%. Third day he was about 95% back to normal and I was so happy. Now a few days later he's back to being himself and I couldn't be more relived. If this is happening to your dog I just want you to know that they will go back to normal, just be really patient you have to keep in mind that they're restless because they're scared that another seizure will happen again. Give him/her a week at least before you start getting worried, if a week has passed call your vet and it might be the medication that they're taking. Hope this helps or comforts someone.
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