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Took the dogs on a weekend trip this weekend. This was Cuddles first trip. At first we could not get her to go to the toilet (use to her yard) but finally got the knack of it. Bought a crate from Target that you can carry it in a small bag and then it pops right up and becomes big. She stayed in there when we could not be with her. Snuggles could roam. Went on a tour in the morning and then took them shopping with us in the afternoon (Brown County Indiana-Nashville). You would think people never saw dogs before. Boy did they get the attention. Then today we stopped off at a outlet mall and took turns going in the stores. Some places let us bring them in. We had some tired dogs today and yesterday. Here are some pictures of the trip. Taken from cell phone.
We are so tired.

Where are we?

Will you speed it up. Not picking
his ears. Playing with her.
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